Curtainsider Body

Easy Access, Great Weight Saving

The PMH Alloy Curtainsider body delivers great returns on investment to the customer as a result of dramatic weight savings.

Light and Efficient: Up to 30% weight saving is achieved by the use of aluminium, ensuring that vehicles are not only fuel efficient but stay within regulatory guidelines. The PMH Alloy Curtainsider represents a sound investment for the customer. Savings accruing from the use of aluminium mean that the return on investment is a quick and profitable one.
Robust: As well as providing substantial weight savings the PMH Alloy curtainsider body is also robust and durable. The design incorporates welding away from stress areas to ensure that cracking does not occur in these areas, thus increasing the longevity of the body.
Aesthetic Finish: The use of aluminium ensures an aesthetically pleasing finish for all bodies. A lack of corrosion means that the end user can take full advantage of the latest painting and livery application techniques.

PMH Steel Curtainsider Body

A First in Easy Access

PMH Steel Curtainsider body is the first externally radiuses type to become commercially available in the UK. The body incorporates several design features which have improved strength and space savings as well as removing the possibility of external rust. The body can be fitted to vehicles from 3.5 tonnes up to the largest rigids chassis available in the UK.
Rust Free: The design incorporates no exposed steelwork at the front of the body ensuring that there are no signs of visible rust.